Sprint Peering Requirements? WAS More network problems


Your description of the events surrounding the 'much discussed'
outage was excellent.

Accidents can and do happen. Those who have been understanding
and helpful to those involved in the accident and outage should
be commended.


I remember when I was in my early 20s working as a land surveyor
in the deep south. One of my 'previous life' tasks was to survey
the land and mark the locations of gas pipelines. I actually
cut trees and hacked jungle in the swawp of Louisiana for
100s of miles, fighting snakes and mosquitos and big lizards
every day, not to mention the rains and floods of the bayous
of the lower delta country. ( thinking back, it was hard work
but fun for a young man!)

Everyday we would follow the planned route, hack and cut jungle,
and take very long iron bars and probe the swampland for the
gas lines. I'll never forget the feel of iron against iron,
probe against pipe, 10-20 feet underground. We probed every
few hundred feet, if my memory survives the years.

Fortunately, besides hangovers from too much partying in the
Louisiana swamps the nights before working, we never experience
a construction accident. Our entire life was focused on
providing information that was essential for the safety of
the lives of the heavy equipment operators and others.
( and heavy partying in the southern bayou country at night :wink:

With all due respects to the Internet loss of service outage....

..... "Let the good times roll"