Sprint Peering Requirements? WAS More network problems (fwd)

>That link has been down for 19 hours. I'm not sure what the problem is;
>the T1 IXC won't talk to me about it since it's not my circuit.

Awsome, the sales people will love that :-). A policy against the use
of available alternate paths results in a single failure turning into a
prolonged outage. I love big providers, they make it so easy.

Wait a sec. I've got my share of gripes about Sprint, but I will say that
it's not their fault Pac Bell won't talk to me about a line that isn't mine.
The Sprint folks have had to change some things over in Stockton due to Pac
Bell's response to WilTel's power failure -- this is stuff that should not
happen. The folks inside Sprint have been very helpful. So let's not make
this into a Sprint bashing session, OK?

P.S. what is the deal with the Santa Clara POP anyway? I've seen gas
main explosions, circuits cut by a blowtorch (gee? maybe they're related),
"missing" fiber, "lost" circuits, and other shenangans.

The story may be growing with the telling, but I was told that a gas main
ruptured, with or without a small explosion (depends on who you ask), and
the fire marshall came in, smelled natural fumes all over, and ordered that
power be cut to the surrounding buildings, presumably to prevent explosions
due to sparks and such. WilTel ultimately brought in a portable generator
and put this wonderful new spark generator out in the parking lot, closer
to the natural gas fumes than anything inside the building would have been.

                                                           This time I'm
glad we followed WorldCom's (WilTel, whatevertheirnameisthisweek) site
recommendation and used DC power for our equipment. But this POP is
like working out of a telecommunications war zone.

That's one of several good reasons why CIX has installed a router up in
Digital's Palo Alto facility (I'd call it a NAP, since it has rack space
for rent and GIGAswitches all over the place, but "NAP" seems to indicate
congressional funding so I'll choose another word... "Interconnect/CoLo"
(ICL)). In addition to having both AC and DC on UPS and a generator, Palo
Alto has actual coffee houses for those late night adventures.