Sprint peering policy

While many other tier-1's have publicly listed their peering policies,
I've never seen anything for 1239. Not that I'd stand a chance, but does
anyone know what their peering requirements are?

Ralph Doncaster
principal, IStop.com

Sprint dont peer unless your the like of CW/UU etc


sprintlink.net# grep peering /etc/aliases
peering: /dev/null



--what they publish

$$$$$--what they don't


"Be liberal in what you accept, and conservative in what you send."
--Jon Postel

"Stephen J. Wilcox" wrote:

Sprint dont peer unless your the like of CW/UU etc

See my question regarding peering.

= "Now, someone explain how an internet provider convinced congress that
=it didn't really have to carry an -internet customers- packet from one
=side of its -=own=- network to the other side, unless -=both=-
=parties paid it money ?"

  It still stands.

The real problem Steve, is no one seems to get the ramifications
of such a closed loop system.

All these businesses are folding because they have a "Monkey on
their Back"... and to feed the Monkey, they are creating Monkeys on
-other- peoples back... following WorldCom's lead.

  Ala: Pied Piper Of Hamelin.

(Remember WorldComs early war cry.... "There can only be One!" :slight_smile:

Before "Ebber Ethics" when the (Transit) Monkey got too big,
one merely built a physical circuit to the bigger targets.. and voila.

While it didn't get the Monkey off your back,
  it did shrink the "transit monkey" back to manageable.

The Monkey is Fed for the cost of the physical.

  * shrug *

Allen Greenspan Ebbers wasn't!

Sprint's peering policy (and associated requirements) are covered
under NDA. Anyone who shares this information with an outside party
would be in direction violation of their NDA.

Have you contacted Sprint and asked this question of them?


As I said your name must be CW or UUNET.

Thats why its not publicised and under NDA, even if you think you meet their
terms they can turn you down for no reason!