Sprint Looking Glass


        Earlier today, I was tying to determine what local preferences
Sprint uses within their network for peers vs customers ... Long
story short, their Looking Glass only allows for:

bgp dampened
bgp flap-statistics

      But not 'bgp X.X.X.X' which can be quite frustrating. The
customer local preferences are within their community guide, but they
do not state that of a peer. Anybody find an alternative means to
get this type of information, short of emailing bgp-adm@sprint.net ?
(I did email them and have yet to get a response) I also called the
customer service group who were kind, but clueless about the question,
forget the answer.

     If anybody from Sprint is reading this and can aid in getting
'show ip bgp X.X.X.X' re-enabled on the Looking Glass, I would be most