Sprint BGP filters in 207.x.x.x?

> Depends on the situation as to whether it's detrimental. Proxy-aggregation,
> as this is called, can alter traffic patterns in dual-homed situations. The
> change is not always bad, though it is often un-desirable.
> In general, proxy-aggregation is good for everybody.

If we had a good method for people to indicate routes that they didn't want to
be aggregated, then more proxy aggregation could be done safely.

  If I may... The idea of using a routing registry for
  this purpose has been suggested before. I still think
  it is a valid approach. Could be very useful in assisting
  with better proxy aggregation for all.


OK. So WHY AREN"T people using the routing registry? If they did would
they be able to get around individual peering and transit agreements? Is
it a chicken and egg thing. IE what percentage of global routes does the
registry have? how does the registry as it stands now save people time,
trouble or money?