sprint and multihoming

From: randy@psg.com (Randy Bush)
Some weeks back, I whined about SprintLink's policies and implementation in
respect to multi-homing. They did not leak the multi-homer's more specific
prefix outside of SprintLink. Nor did they accept the longer prefix from
outside, hence traffic from SL customers would die when the MHed site's SL
link was down.

Me, too....

I just wanted to publicly thank SprintLink, and Hank Kilmer and his team in
particular, for fixing this. IMIHO, this makes SprintLink a reasonable
choice for a provider if you intend to multi-home.

Hmmm, well, as I reported here earlier, we already changed our ISP
contract away from Sprint. But, for my clients, based on your
representation that it is finally working, I suppose that I might be
willing to at least allow Sprint in future multi-home bids, as long as
the contract specifically requires Sprint to be on better behaviour.

Thanks for the update, Randy!

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