Spontaneous vaporization of OSPF routes from Ascend MAX


Has anybody experienced the spontaneous disappearance of advertised OSPF
routes from Ascend MAX's. The symptoms are a network routed via a radius
learned profile will just up and disappear from the OSPF advertisements
that the MAX is sending. We are seeing this at 5.0Ap13 and also 4.6C
with some occurrences on the TNT at 1.3A.

Ideas? Can anybody recommend a less broken version (there are sooooo
many to choose from :frowning: ) ?

Thanks for any ideas...


I saw the same behavior on my Max 4000s running 5.0Ap13. I upgraded to
5.0Ap16, and have seen less of that, plus less rebooting. It would seem
that there are still some slight bugs to be worked out in the ospf code
for the Ascend stuff, but 5.0Ap16 has been working well for some time
right now...

Joe Shaw - jshaw@insync.net
NetAdmin - Insync Internet Services
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