Spectrum/TimeWarner IPv6 routing issue


I apologize for doing this, but is there anyone on the list with
Spectrum/TimeWarner that would be willing to discuss (via e-mail) an IPv6
routing issue to a cable modem? I can't put more time in with the normal
support gauntlet.

Thanks in advance!

Not sure if this helps, but I had an issue with ipv6 routing on my TWc modem. It turns out I derped and accidentally enabled a firewall option to block multicast. This prevents your modem from seeing ipv6 routing solicitations, ie the modem won't be able to see what your prefix is and respond to it.
If that isn't it, you'll have to do the gauntlet.

I'm a Time Warner/Spectrum customer and to date haven't been able to
discern that they have any clue what IPv6 is. If it's available please
contact me off list and tell me how to get it.