Spectrum Network Engineer (Legacy TWC/RR) ?

Any Spectrum/Legacy TWC engineers on the list that could contact me off list in regards to a network issue in the Los Angeles area that first tier support is clueless about and unwilling to escalate?

To quickly summarize, it appears port 5060 (SIP traffic) is blocked at very specific nodes within the Los Angeles area. Yes, SIP ALG is turned off in the router and cable modem, Techs have been out multiple times to put in different cable modems to no avail. Swapping the same location over to a fiber or DSL connection with an alternate provider makes the issue go away.

It feels like there is a piece of equipment beyond the cable modem that is either mangling or blocking SIP traffic. The issue is not everywhere in the Los Angeles area on Spectrum/TWC, only a few sites from what we’ve seen. I can provide specifics if someone would kindly contact me off list. We’d like to get this resolved and first tier support says they have no way to escalate.

Thanks …