Spectrum (AS33363) Clue?

Is there anyone at Spectrum business with clue who can contact me off list
regarding some peering issues in your network? I have several customers
seeing 150ms of latency due to traffic bouncing between east and west coasts
to go across the room. This is between routers both in TAMSFLDE.

Support has said this is "normal" and refused to escalate it. Some quick
testing with RIPE Atlas probes shows it's the same across 33363.

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Bryan Fields

727-409-1194 - Voice

FW(little)IW, We have a direct peering with the legacy Charter side between ATL and CLT, and my WFH line is a TWC legacy connection in NE. They appear to be congested, in some major peering points Ashburn and DC, and possibly internal on the backbone. I am on a college campus, so I blame everything on CoD, that new XBOX thing, and PS5s. Good luck getting info out of them, I usually just run my mouth with the local guys when they come out, I get more info that way than in a ticket.

Brian Miller
Clemson University/C-Light
Network Services

It appears they have fixed some of the issues today, our packets are no longer
going across the country to get across the room. Latency is down to the
historical averages, and we're no longer having throughput issues.

I'm a paying business customer (125/mo for 20/2 mbit connection), so I'm going
to bitch to high hell when it's impacting my business.

Thanks to everyone who reached out,


I'd just be happy to get notifications of their "planned maintenances" :blush:... Also that seems high for a 20/2, I pay that for a 600/40 with 5 static IPs.

Thank you,
Michael K. Spears