speaking of lynn...

Cisco flaw presentation spreads across the Web

FBI Investigation...

New copies of Michael Lynn's presentation on the Cisco router operating
system flaw are springing up faster than the lawyers can take them down

Cisco's lawyers are sending out cease-and-desist notices to Web sites
that have published a controversial presentation by ex-Internet Security
Systems (ISS) employee Michael Lynn that exposes the potential dangers
of a flaw in the network giant's router operating system.The
presentation, which was due to be given by Lynn at the Defcon conference
in Las Vegas last week, was cancelled after legal threats from Cisco and
ISS. The parties resolved the matter on Thursday last week.

Cisco's lawyers are sending out cease-and-desist notices to Web sites


I guess that answers the question of the lgality of the matter?

All it answers is the question "Do Cisco's lawyers think they can get
away with it?" The question of its legality won't be resolved till
some judge issues a ruling on the question that withstands appeals..

i guess they're still reacting to old information. this one is well and truly in
the public domain, heck.. if you google you can find foreign language
translations of it

i've not seen any discussion on the application of the information.. is there
any working exploit code yet?


Trying to censor something is one of the best ways to promote it,
I'm surprised cisco has not heard about that, I guess now they know.