[spamtools] Tracking a DDOS

: So did you aquire those "assets" from clearblue or where the appliedtheory's
: assets kindof devided between fastnet and clearblue? And if undertand it
: correctly apliedtheory name & domain are still with clearblue/navisite?
: If so is it the same for CRL?

: I'm primarily just curious in terms of finding out what happened to
: earliest companies that made internet - CRL being one of the first
: commercial isp...

FastNet purchased the access business from AppliedTheory, and Clearblue
got the hosting.

In terms of abuse, abuse@netaxs.com can be used for fastnet and
appliedtheory space also. I just supped with Mr. Abuse @netaxs
last Saturday night, and he can resolve or forward internally
anything for appliedtheory/fastnet/netaxs/etc customers.



Speaking of early networks: I see where Epoch was broken up and sold

Interestingly enough, its also devided between hosting & access.
And I remember well another early ISP, where the same happened - Digex

I wonder if there is a pattern here for the future ...