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Sure, if the Spam-Hating software is buggy, then it will generate
unnecessary garbage. If it works, however, the only fear you'll have is if
your users are spamming. That should be taken care of by dealing with the
spammer(s), rather than by taking the ostrich approach.

In the past I was targetted by an anti-spam attack against "eros net"
(I forget their real domain) because I'm listed in one of the nameserver
records for EROS.COM which is not at all related to "eros net". I suppose
this sort of human screw up may not happen depending on how the tool is
written. In any event, sometimes people who receive email they asked for
(i.e. entering their email address on a web form which explicitly said
they would be receiving said mail) initiate anti-spam attacks because
they forgot they asked for the mail.