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And yet again the usefulness of whois contacts is eroded. I don't know
about the rest of you, but I'm beginning to indirect all my whois
information through idiot filters -- indirect email addresses, alternate
phone numbers. I don't even run anything large.

What's going to be left to contact other network operators if whois
becomes useless? Hopefully the RADB... if everyone were in it.

At least this program below doesn't use prtraceroute to find upstream
providers, yet.


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Get lots of e-mail offering you get-rich-quick schemes?
Want to hit back? "Spam Hater" is free Windows software
that helps you respond effectively and makes it hot
for these people.

* Analyses the Spam
* Extracts a list of addresses of relevant Postmasters, etc.
* Generates a "WHOIS" query to help track the perpetrator
* Prepares a reply
* Choice of legal threats, insults or your own message
* Appends a copy of the Spam if required
* Puts it in a mail window ready for sending

Spam Hater works with lots of popular e-mail programs directly -
there's no tedious cutting and pasting.

Supported E-Mail Programs

Ameol, AOL 2.5I, Eudora Light 1.5.2, 1.5.4, Eudora Pro 2.2, Free Agent
0.99, Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 (4.70.1155), Netscape 1.2N, 2.02 3.0
Pegasus Mail V2.4X, Virtual Access V3.51.

Download from

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My question is, will it allow you to mail multiple copies of the GCC