Spammer's Spotlite #1 (fwd)

} >>Subject: Spammer's Spotlite #1
} >>From: Christopher Fenn <>
} >>Date: Fri, 03 Jan 1997 18:45:38 +0100
} >>
} >>First in a series! Collect them all!

[snipping for brevity]

} Unfortunately this spam was a forgery done for revenge by the real
} spammer and the responses have caused Joe Doll to close his site.
} Be very careful of these inflammatory spams they are often forgeries
} intended to cause real trouble for the person being forged.

See: alt.lets.kill.yuri.rutman

I recently saw this new NG pop up and posted asking who Yuri Rutman is.
Someone wrote back saying he was the forger of the (and another
minoxidil <sp?> spam).

       Jeremy J. Olson <>
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