Spammer Bust

Cool. Internet stormtroopers. I don't suppose anybody tried
to call the kid or his parents or both before the "federal marshals
and Rustnet officials on an Aug. 29 surprise visit to the high school
student's home in Utica, MI. "?

"The boy's parents apparently had no idea what their son was
doing with the computer, according to sources". No, I thought not...

So, I'm curious: should this model be put forward as a BCP?
I mean we now have two independent implementations even
(cf. the federal marshals, the ISP and the Religious Technology


Yes he was contacted and asked to stop and didn't. Plus he used a false
email address, which put the blame on an innocent ISP, causing it to loose

Therefore the actions were necessary. Whether or not the kid was 15 is
irrelevant. He caused monetary loss, sevice loss, company image damage,
and did it knowingly.

Would you be so sarcastic if he was 40 years old? How about if it was