William Herrin wrote:

Indeed, and the ones who are more than minimally competent have
considered the protocol as a whole and come to understand that at a
technical level the "reject don't bounce" theory has more holes in it
than you can shake a stick at.

No way. You are kidding aren't you Bill? Honestly, I have not
encountered a sysadmin who allows their company's mailexchangers to send
backscatter in close to 8 years (outside of non-technical SMBs who also
have numerous other systems and network issues, and one university
hamstringed by vendor lock-in).

The really issue here IMO is the RFC process. Given how badly the
implementation of IPv6 is coming along it really should not surprise
anyone that SMTP RFCs are no less dated and no less out of sync with real
world conditions. Deja vu X.400.

Roger Marquis