Spamhaus ASN-DROP list

Hi All,

One of our ASNs has been listed in the Spamhaus ASN-DROP list before it was assigned to us.

We emailed them last year but didn’t get a response. Could anyone from Spamhaus contact us off the list?

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This is probably an ex afrinic stolen block?

In which case it’s for afrinic to sort out and reclaim


It’s ASN, not IPv4 prefix.

It’s not.

The ASN was assigned by RIPE in Sep 2019.


Contact the SBL team via the Lookup form at

The form says ‘IP or Domain’ but it will also look up ASNs so just put your ASN in. That will allow you to create a ticket with the right team and the issue should then get dealt with fairly quickly.


Steve Linford
The Spamhaus Project