Spamford Getting Service From Cable & Wireless? (fwd)

Anyone else have any information on this?

(re: Spamford's C&W connection)

I saw it a while back, and immediately blocked all mail from that
class C. I haven't had complaints yet :-). The error message given
in these cases, is along the lines of "if this error is wrong contact
postmaster@..." which is (mostly) never filtered here.

Anyone else have any information on this?

Cyber Promotions has a machine at IDCI in New Jersey, IP address, which identifies itself as It
appears to be a generic Unix box running a version of sendmail that
adds the stupid "CLOAKED" header to mail that it relays.

IDCI gets its feed from CWI which is in turn fed by Alternet. If you
complain to IDCI about being spammed, you'll get a sanctimonious form
letter from their Mr. Mossholder which makes the laughable claim that
there's no legal basis on which he could terminate a spammer's account
even if he wanted to. CWI seems to have forgotten that they have an
ISP subsidiary, people have trouble finding anyone connected to it.

You may recall that Cyber Promotions signed up a bunch of "bandwidth
partners" on whose networks CP located PCs so CP could evade the
router blocks against CP's home network. As far as I can tell, IDCI
is the only one they have left.

This is straying away from NANOG, there's plenty of discussion of this
on n.a.n-a.e and the various e-mail lists about spam.