Spamcop Blacklist


We are having a bit of trouble with spamcop blocking 2 of our MTAs with IPs of and We have yet to receive any samples of the spam and do not seem to be able to submit for removal as it appears someone has attempted to do this for us and basically used up all our our requests for a period of time. Does anyone have a contact over at spamcop that might be able to assist us in removing these MTAs before this becomes a large issue or us and our customers?

Below is the Bounce message we are receiving.
Bounce message
          554 Service unavailable; Client host [] blocked by

Just to let everyone know, we do vigorously monitor outbound spam traffic and take seriously any reports of spam from our network. If someone can get us a sample of what spamcop is see this would also help!

Any help is greatly appreciated.


This is probably much more appropriate over on mailop; please see:

I don't recall offhand is any Spamcop personnel hang out there, but
it's plausible to think they might.