Spam which is designed to crash POP and many mail readers...

[More proof that these "spammers" aren't selling anything, they're
just garden-variety petit criminals trying to disrupt the internet...]

Anyhow, has anyone else seen this recent spate of spam which is
basically designed to crash POP and Netscape and other programs in the
past few days?

It's not you, they've found "from" addresses which cause problems, the
usual first symptom is a bunch of people complaining about "stuck" POP
locks or problems with Netscape, elm and other mail readers.

[Oh yeah I'm suuuurrrre these are just "honest" business people, who
just don't want anyone to be able to read their ads...]

BTW, they really do look mostly like legitimate ads, albeit for your
typically questionable products (stop smoking herbs or something like

These so-called spammers are laughing their asses off at us.

The stuff that fries me is the stuff that uses HTML inlines to crash
the mail readers of people who are dumb enough to use mail readers that
_interpret_ HTML in mail bodies automatically... which We All Know Mail
Readers Shouldn't Do.

-- jra

Is there any consensus on how to document threats from anti-spam
or pro-spam terrorists in a legally usefull format?

This message is colored by just having received threats from one of
the more violent anti-spammers. Apparently a client of one of our ISP
clients sent out an advertisement for CPUs' or something like that.

I went to the anti-spammer home page. Ouch. Its full about how
guns are cool and usefull. What the benefits of *really* sharp knives
are. Scary. Can't decide whether its a total psycho or just trying
(with success) to project that image.

As much as I personnally wish for SPAM to just go away, it has to
be up to the legal system to sort that out.

We don't do dialup, so I guess we haven't seen much of this yet.
There really are two terrorist groups here. Spammers and


As much as I personnally wish for SPAM to just go away, it has to

> be up to the legal system to sort that out.

The legal system has failed, utterly, on this one, so it's not
surprising that more and more people are taking it into their own
hands. A legal system works only so long as people have faith in its
sincere interest in enforcing the rights of honest and decent people.

> There really are two terrorist groups here. Spammers and
> nti-Spammers.

That's like saying people defending their properties are as bad as
people they're defending against, that's moral confusion.

Remember that most spammers are not selling anything, they're just
maliciously trying to disrupt things, and have found a way to practice
their sociopathic sickness apparently outside the reach of law

There are good and honest people working very hard to provide internet
services, and then there are spammers who skulk in the shadows
bombarding systems with forged mail addresses hiding their identities

Anyone who equates these two groups needs to have their heads examined
and the malignant moral relativism tumors removed.

The legal system can not remedy the problems of the internet, period.
When it has to come to that, then we are saying we are technically
incapable in handling our own networks and affairs. If you want to
ruin something good with incompetance and bad decision process
then we might as well pull the plug and go home. The politicians and
the control freaks win and the 1st amendment then will be dead for

Henry R. Linneweh

Barry Shein wrote:

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I took a look at your main web pages and didn't see any reference to an
Acceptable Use Policy etc. What is your policy on spamming from your net
or hosting spammers? (Since you brought up the subject :slight_smile:

I got almost a dozen emails regarding this subject. Fine.

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