Spam from

I'm being spammed by as I speak. Multiple mails to have gone unanswered.

Could someone please drop me a note? I'd like to see this jackass get the
treatment he truely deserves. :slight_smile:


You'll be lucky to get any kind of action out of Sprint. They've been
housing people like Harris Marketing for months, even though Harris very
clearly violates Sprint's acceptable use policy constantly. Sprint has
yet to respond to any complaints and has yet to disconnect Harris or a
number of the other spammers they're housing.

As far as I'm concerned, Sprint is now rogue and deserves to be

Adam and listeners,

If you would like any action to occur you should direct your message to the
appropriate group.

The group responsible for abuse types are as follows:

1/ For spam/abuse from => send message to

2/ For spam/abuse from => send message to

Hope this clarifies everything


Everything except why the original poster felt that the response from
that channel was so poor that he needed to ask here...

-- jra

That's because you have the domain name wrong. If you are being spammed by you should send email to

Don't jump to conclusions on the relationships between two similar domain
names. In this case is a domain name belonging to Sprint
Canada, a company which has no relationship at all to the American company
named Sprint except that they bought the rights to use the Sprint name for
marketing purposes.