Spam Control Considered Harmful

And what will the FBI do when spammers leave the US...

This is really a red herring -- any spam control law, even one of the
bad ones like the Murkowski bill applies to any resident of the U.S.,
even if he hires someone in Moldova to send out his spam. To escape
U.S. law the spammer has to move his entire business offshore. In
practice we're unlike to see much offshore spam because the goal of
spammers is to collect money from suckers, and it's a whole lot harder
to do so if you don't have a domestic mailing address and bank

Also, as others have pointed out, there aren't a lot of other
countries with low cost unmetered Internet connections and, other than
Canada, even those are connected to the U.S. by long, thin, expensive
undersea cables whose proprietors aren't likely to enjoy having them
filled with spam and angry responses.

You mean like now when spam sent to .com's outside the USA
ends up hitting us! Yep it would be great if the USA isps
did something about Spam cos it sure dont come from anywhere
else in any quantity. :-))

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