Spam Control Considered Harmful

How about a new RFC outlining a method of dynamically delivering a relay
host native to whatever service provider you dial in to ?? That way, any
e-mail can be traced to a supposedly responsible end-user by the
victimized ISP ??


Na. Howabout making sure that *every* dial in user has a fixed IP
address. This way you can match *in real time* or later, without
logs who did what. OK this only fixes dial-up accounts, but that
is a majot part of the problem - and permenantly connected sites
already have fixed IP address space.

To anticipate the next flame - it is feasible, we do it. Demon that


Sure...and when I apply to ARIN for more space and show I've assigned a
/21 worth of space to static IP dialup users, I'm sure they won't laugh
while stamping DENIED on my application :slight_smile:

How does Demon get away with that sort of waste?