Spam Control Considered Harmful

Phil Lawlor writes:

Phil Lawlor writes:
> >Properly configured sendmail's do this, mostly.
> ^^^^^^
> I am not a sendmail expert, but I am told that it is in the forgery area
> that it could be improved.

SMTP in general has no mechanism whatsoever to prevent forgeries.

I just get a flame mail from someone that got spamed with a TO portion of the
header stating : "". Most people would think, "Duh they
sent this to mean everyone at MY site." But this genious kept thinking WE
had something to do with it because a customer of ours has as a
domain name. Hurrra for whois and traceroute!

What to do.. what to do. Forderies need to be prevented and people need
to use some common everyday brain power to figure out who it really is
coming from.