Spam by one of Exodus Sales Person

Dear Mr. Rothschild and persons of NANOG,

  May I introduce myself, I am Janis Purl and I am the Abuse
Manager at Exodus Communications, Inc.. I have been told that you and
NANOG have been spammed by one of our new employees. This letter is
meant as an apology to anyone having received that spam. Exodus has a
policy strictly forbidding anyone on staff or connected with Exodus in
anyway from spamming. My position here at Exodus is to enforce that
policy and this is the first time I have had to enforce it to someone
from within our staff.

  Any new hire at Exodus is given an orientation day which is when
our policies on such things are presented by our Director of Security
(Leroy Lacy). This is not possible for new hires at other sites around
the country. For those new hires, are to receive printed copies of these
policies. I don't know where the breakdown happened and have been told
by the Director of Security that the procedure will be reviewed and
changed to ensure that all new hires understand that spamming is not
authorized in any circumstance here at Exodus. To ensure that this
policy is clear to all present employees Mr. Lacy will be sending an
email to all our current employees stating clearly spamming is NOT OK.

  I am truly sorry one of our employees punished you with a spam.
Let me assure you that we are actively taking steps to assure that this
never happens again. We are not advocators of spam and do our best to
stop any spam related to us or our customers.

  Again let me say I am sorry that someone from Exodus bothered
you in such a deplorable manner.

  Janis Purl
  Abuse Manager
  Exodus Communications, Inc.
  1-888-2-EXODUS x 2574


Thank you for taking the time to intervene here. Though actions will
speak lounder than words, I really do appreciate the initiative...

Does Michael Weill <> know this?