SpaceX Starlink progress, external analysis

ISPs throughout the United States that currently operate 11 GHz FCC Part 101 licensed microwave links have begun receiving PCCNs from Starlink. These specify the RF parameters and lat/long locations of the Starlink earth stations.

If you have received one of these, I’d be very interested in taking a look at it. The eventual as-built locations of the earth stations will all be public in the FCC’s databases (ULS, international bureau, etc).

It appears as though the first generation of Starlink satellites will operate as relays in a bent pipe configuration. The design goal for satellite-to-satellite trunk links has been scrapped or postponed. In this method, a satellite or set of satellites in the same orbital plane will need to have LOS visibility to both a CPE terminal and a Starlink earth station.

For example, an earth station located near the fiber huts and ISP POPs in Cheyenne, WY would provide the uplink for customers in the same moving spot beam, while it was over WY, such as rural CPEs on remote ranches.