sorta-OT graph snmp values

First, please don't respond with "use mrtg, rrdtool, cricket, etc, etc." Silly 'layer 8' reasons are keeping me from being able to utilize these tools at this time.

I have a need to graph SNMP values created by using a simple shell script on a Solaris box. I have output like this:

02-20-2009_08:00 39 19 20 18
                         23 19 18 18
........ <snip 9 rows of data w/o the date> ........
                         26 20 20 17
02-20-2009_09:00 23 20 22 18

I want to find a program that will allow me to graph the dates on the x-axis and the values on the y-axis, but I need it to be programmable such that I can run it from cron and send the graph to a directory as a jpeg, gif or png file. I tried using gnuplot, but I can't seem to make it work on outputting only to a file. Even using "set output graph.png". Can someone push me in the right direction?

I'm not sure, but this should probably be discussed off-list...


GD::Graph::lines does this easily, and there are plenty of examples to work from. (might be too much a pain if you don't have GD available)

Scott Weeks wrote:

Did you:

set terminal png
set output graph.png


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