Sonicwall 3500/netflow

This will be my first time in Sonicwall territory. I'm assuming this thing
will (effectively) *be* my edge router; does it support netflow, as has been
being discussed in the recent thread?

I'm likely going to have 100M from L3, with FiOS/150 and Roadrunner/50 for
backup/load bal; I don't think this will be a BGP application. :slight_smile:

-- jra

According to the spec sheet it does, haven't had the opportunity to play with one to comment any further though.


  If you have questions contact me off list. I would shoot for a little higher device to support that bandwidth if you are going to be enabling Services at all. Also if you use services, make sure they are enabled only on 1 zone as to not double scan traffic. Also I would skip the DPI-SSL services for now, as they are extremely throughput intensive. The company I work for manages a few hundred Sonicwalls, some of them in a pretty complex setup. SonicWall netflow is a little unique, they have a GUI feature called APPFlow which makes it pretty easy to trim down to watch exactly what you need (once you get the hang of it). Some of the additional free features make the SonicWall very nice. The SSLVPN portal is very handy for remote troubleshooting. You can bind it to a VLAN interface with private addresses for management purposes as well as remote access.

Careful though, they can either be a beast, or a joy to manage depending on how you set it up.

If you want to do entirely CLI management on the SonicWall, be prepared for a headache. Everything is case sensitive, and not the cleanest. If you build quick templates in your favorite text editor, it can be very simple to manage this way.

SonicWall is pushing firmwares to all of the partners as far as I know (maybe to everyone) if you call in with an issue. Check the caveats though, we have a few conflicts related to VPN stuff as well as dynamic routing a few places.


I've been using 5.8 with no problems thus far. As for the CLI, yes it is CLUNKY.

But they are completely revamping it, it will be very similar to Cisco in the near future...

Why do people like to base their CLIs on the really rather awful Cisco style interface rather than something with some more structure like Juniper?

Never messed around with Juniper....

I would be happy if it was Juniper or Cisco ish. Right now it's just total crap :slight_smile: