SONET Interconnect (was RE: MCI)


I think we are accidently cross-wired.....

I agree 100 percent that real-time data cannot be guarenteed over
public networks. There is little benefit to discuss .999999s
over public networks.

My point was to point out that there are applications for real-time
packet services where RSVP does not meet the requirements and
neither does ST-II (who tunnels IPv5 over a public network and
does any real-time work ??... none to my knowledge!)

In my previous posts on this thread today, I intentionally did not mention
public networks; sorry I did not specifically state the word
'private' . I assumed that Everyone in Networking knows that
.9999++ delivery over public networks was not what I was discussing.

Hopefully the confusion is clear.... when I mention real-time
data services, I am talking private datagram services, not

Best Regards,