SONET Interconnect (was RE: MCI)

Vadim continues:

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>Do we need a real-time protocol that is highly reliable in the
>world? The answer, is of course YES.

NO. Name the single application which couldn't be run over
lossy protocol.

Thats an easy one....

Any generic system that receives time sensitive real-time information from
numerous distributed nodes that must be processsed and relayed to
other processing stations *and* run the typical IP e-mail, ftp, httpd,
etc. packet services concurrently over the same pipes, as well as
network management traffic ad. infinitum.....

Running real time sensory data, for example that must arrive at remote
locations within a few milliseconds on a packet switched network,
for example.... I'll attach a few references for those who don't wish nor
have the time to pull down the 12 page postscript draft mentioned

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Hope these help, there are more......