SONET Interconnect (was RE: MCI)

Has there been any thought given to How the OC-3c signal from a router
will be connected to a OC-48 or 192 signal in a typical SONET ring? I
would think that the SONET vendors (Alcatel, Fujitsu, etc) would have to
work with the router vendors to ensure that SONET overhead information
is passed properly to the higher level signal. This overhead provides
data on performance, net management, etc. The kicker here is that SONET
contains undefined overhead bytes that many vendors have used for
proprietary services. This is the reason why different vendors'
equipment cannot be mixed within the same ring. The CMISE set of
standards is supposed to take care of incompatibilities, but as with any
other standard, it will be complete years from when it is needed :wink:

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