Some corrections

From: Dorian Kim <>
> I am admittedly confused here. CICnet provides connectivity from UMich
> to OSU, and the other Big Ten schools. CICnet is physically connected
> to UMich and MichNet, and also to OSU and OARnet.

This used to be the case. This is right now not the case. This maybe the case
again in the future. Confused yet? Welcome to the world of academic
networking. :slight_smile:
Depends on what you mean. AS266 traffic goes through MCI to get to AS1225.
I'm still curious where you got this false impression of the situation.

Apparently, I was missing some pieces (that had not been described in
your earlier messages), and remembering "old" information (as above).

Both Merit and CICnet are connected to MCI. Correct? My new
understanding is that the problem seems to be that MCI is stuck in the
middle there, and for some reason shunts some (but not all) OSU and
OARnet traffic off through MAE-East, rather than passing it more
directly to OARnet (through CICnet or otherwise). And this is because
of some _source_ based algorithm, since this only happens to Merit
sourced traffic, but not other CICnet traffic, as you are using MCI to
hold together pieces of CICnet? Sounds bizarre to me....

In any case, it still proves my point -- Merit and CICnet (and MCI)
somehow view each other as competitors and don't cooperate to carry
traffic by the "best" route, thereby clogging other areas of the
Internet (MAE-East) at others' unknowing expense.

Indeed, this sounds even closer to the UK situation, where they are too
cheap to install a local European link, and instead steal from the other
vendors' links to Europe through the MAE-East commons.
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