solid v smart optics

anyone have any opinions on the two subject vendors, with general
regard to 10GE transceivers? SR multi-mode data center stuff for my

appreciate on/off list replies!


I'm not familiar with solid optics, but AFAIK smart optics today resells
finisar, so you probably don't need to worry about quality

When choosing optic vendor, you might want to find out

- where do they source the parts, if they self-assemble, whose
  lasers/receivers they use. Do you value single source for parts? It means
  longer lead-times but you can expect consistent quality.

- do you value on-site eepromming, does vendor offer it

- do all the optics support DDM, in your equipment

- so you have sufficient datasheets for each optic, not too interesting in
  SR though

- how far is the price from market price (10G LR can sell at 1unit anywhere
  from 120USD to 300USD, SR should be significantly less)

- does the vendor have references you can verify