Software router state of the art

Last thing to say is, I haven't tried upgrading since Vyatta abandoned
the XORP platform and moved to the Quagga platform, but I'm guessing
(based on experience w/ Quagga) that they have a lot fewer of these
quirks that I've described.

Quagga is pretty decent, but it is not uncommon for serious bugs to go
unaddressed for a long time. For example, this bug renders Quagga
nearly unusable for OSPF on FreeBSD 7,

which resulted in some finger-pointing, but the last I heard, it was
due to a kernel interface change where FreeBSD multicast code had been
rewritten and was DTRT, while Linux was doing something else.

This is probably still better than the XORP platform, but it is

... JG

It would be very useful if there was an effort from the telecom community to develop a dynamic routing frontend like Quagga. The amount of human work that it requires in order to build up a product is enormous. If only someone with millions of dollars could donate engineers. It would allow the deployment of small branch office systems at a much lower cost.

Would you rather deploy a $3000 cisco edge box which is a unexpandable, 100 mbit piece of crap, or throw two $2000 Dell boxes and have a 1 GigE platform?

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