Sobigf + BGP

We have seen that many people *posting* do not have the best of intentions;
I can assure you that there are lurkers on Nanog (surprise, surprise) who
are not nearly as naive and well-intentioned as J. O. would hope. In fact,
I know that there are subscribers from various print media, various on-line
media, and certainly some stunningly unpleasant characters that I run into
on other lists.

And after being /.ed several times, there are undoubtedly end-users,
small enterprises, non-network folks from networking companies, and
assorted other groups which don't fit the traditional network operator mold.
Oh, and sales people...

Case in point:

For those few finding the NANOG archives for the first time
with this /. link, I'm sure they'll take some time to poke
around recent threads with interesting titles like
"Sobigf + BGP"