SNMPv3 deployment survey

In order to advance SNMPv3 from Draft Standard to
Full Standard, a deployment summary needs to be created
for IETF purposes.

  If anyone here has any deployment of SNMPv3 (whether
or not you actually enable the crypto bits) as different from
SNMPv2c or SNMPv1, it would be most appreciated if you'd drop
me a unicast reply with roughly this data:
  Organisation Name:
  Organisation Contact Person: name & email is ideal
  Which SNMPv3-capable products are deployed:
      Both boxes being managed (e.g. Brand X router,
      Brand Y switch) & the SNMP manager (e.g. UCD SNMP,
      OpenView with SNMPv3 plug-in, etc)
  If possible, some notion of the scale of the deployment
    (e.g. limited, internal corporate only, in production
      ISP network, field trial with plan to go
      production on <date>)

  If there are issues with giving the above level of detail
because of company policy on proprietary/confidential information,
then please send me an email with whatever you are allowed to say.
The more specific answers will be more helpful, but we'll take
anything we can get.

  Again, please send me UNICAST replies, not to the list.
If there is broad interest, I am happy to summarise back to the
list in a few weeks.