smurf, the MCI-developed tracing tools (was Re: Bogus announcement)

  Hello Karl & All, Where or at what price are these tools
      Tia, JimL
PS: In a further responce Karl was heard to say :

> The bottom line is that MONTHS after these were made available your NOC crew

  I never heard nor was made aware that these tools were available,
  even though I am an MCI Customer . :frowning:

Same here. Are they free or do they cost money?

People want the tools.

What are you talking about? If they have NETFLOW switching and NETFLOW
accounting, it's easy to search for the router originated for the
SMURF/initialised packets (this packets can be searched by the such list,
or by the simular search pattern):

xxx permit ip any log

And then it takes 5 minutes to look for the originating interface.