Smurf Amps List

Thus spake Jared Mauch

This list is the result of about a weeks worth of
work probing a total of 48394 netblocks. Of those
netblocks, 6425 were found to respond with more than
one packet sent to the network address. broadcast
address of 255 was not checked, nor anything else
than the list here. This means 13.28% of netblocks out
there are "broken".

  The page can be found at

Why not list the netmask of the netblock as well?

In most cases you can figure out the netmasks. These blocks
were only checked at the very beginning of their space based on
the bgp announcement as viewed by our network. You can look at
our AS1225 feed at

  As long as I can get the appropriate backends in place,
there will be a lot more information that i'll be making avaiable
on these blocks.

  - jared

Checking only the beginning of nets for which you receive BGP
announcements fails to take into account the vast numbers of single-homed
networks which are part of large supernets. i.e. One of FDT's old UUNet
IP blocks was a /20 in There are only a few dozen
announcements for: sh ip ro longer

My list is by no means a complete list of smurf blocks, but more
a list to give you the possible netblocks that are not fixed. It is likeley
that if someone has a /19 /16 /14, etc.. that they use to assign customers
out of, if the beginning of the block is smurfable, it's quite possible
the rest of it is too.
  Someone who would like to scan the entire internet is naturally
more than welcome to attempt it, scanning each possible netmask for the
entire net. The problem with that is the time it will take. My list
is a subset of all smurf amplifiers. I doubt they'll ever all go away,
but I've seen a number of networks get filtered/fixed since the posting
of it, so it's making some progress in helping.

  - Jared

OTOH, the first customer in that block might have clue, and many others
might not.

I'll bet we could get much more thorough coverage if you took a BGP
routing table, expanded all supernets into collections of /24's, and then
distributed chunks of the resulting list...sort of like the rc5 encryption
breaking project. If half the subscribers of nanog would each be willing
to check one chunk, the whole list could probably be processed in no time.

-- jr 'if everyone has a gun, no one will hijack the plane' a

Someone will try and people will die.
If no one has a gun, no one can hijack a plane.

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> -- jr 'if everyone has a gun, no one will hijack the plane' a

Someone will try and people will die.
If no one has a gun, no one can hijack a plane.

I know this has nothing to do with NANOG but...

Why on earth not? You could hijack the plane with other weapons if no one
else had a gun. I agree with Jay, if everybody had a gun no one would
hijack the plane. Anyway, this has nothing to do with NANOG and I have
been up for way to long.


Nathan Stratton Telecom & ISP Consulting

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