Smurf Amps List

I originally wasn't going to make the whole thing avaiable, but
there was a posting a few ago on nanog listing a number of blocks, so
I feel obliged to post a link to my results. I plan on putting a nice
backend behind this and making it a queryable database that checks itself
frequently, but I've not had the time.

This list is the result of about a weeks worth of
work probing a total of 48394 netblocks. Of those
netblocks, 6425 were found to respond with more than
one packet sent to the network address. broadcast
address of 255 was not checked, nor anything else
than the list here. This means 13.28% of netblocks out
there are "broken".

  The page can be found at

  If you own any of these networks, please fix them. I'll be
doing some work to get HOME-AS for these blocks into some format such
that you all can do fancy web-based queries or somesuch with them.

  That stuff will show up at once I get some more time.

Please also visit the following pages: - SAR -- if you can't see this page, you're
        on their blacklist. a mirrored page is <- here for your use. I'm not blackholing
        anything myself.

Questions? Please direct them to me. Flames can direct your
responses to


  - jared

If you added a scan to check the class B nets as /24 nets I am pretty sure
you would get a huge increase in broken nets.

I'm sure that would be the case also. I could start to scan a lot
of netblocks a lot closer, but did not due to the length of time it
took to run these blocks. It took me 6 days to perform this
inital report, which points a quite a number of "broken" netblocks.

  Interesting enough, of all these blocks, I only got one
e-mail from someone saying "kindly stop pinging our network address"
one day after I did so.

  I hope to be able to do some future sweeps of netblocks. I
assure you that anything which happens on this will be posted when
there are new things happening.

  - Jared