SMURF amplifier block list - READ THIS

Karl Denninger writes:

A T1 connected person launching a smurf can burn down an OC-12 if they
can find amplifiers with enough outbound capacity.

Which is to say a dozen well connected DS-3 networks -- not that hard
to find at all. Thankfully that number seems to be dwindling rapidly.
This will eventually degenerate to attackers searching for many dozens
of DS-1 networks that are open, so small providers/customers should be
educated as well.

The *ONLY* long-term fix for smurfing is to prohibit directed broadcasts,

I believe it has to include ingress source address validation.

The overall problem remains, getting others to deny spoofing and
directed broadcast responses can only be done though communication --
and sometimes excommunication is all that can be heard.

I just submitted my weekly column to Internet World a couple of days ago
on just this topic. It will appear on Monday I believe.

I believe in communication :wink: