Smokeping - EchoPingHttps

I used EchoPingHttps for the first time today.

I pulled up the top 20 sites (well, removing duplicate sites from the same company) from Alexa and put them in to trend response times. I’ve had “this feels slow” over the years, but no way to really track that other than feels and pings.

I noticed that a few (Facebook, Salesforce, ESPN, and Zillow) don’t chart at all, with varying errors in a smokeping --debug. I’ve noticed that a couple more (Amazon and Etsy) are fickle in their responses. I assume if they’re not responding, they’re poo pooing on my fake client. Am I in the right ballpark?

Next, is there a better way of doing this? I saw the curl plugin, but it was only after I had seen EchoPingHttps, so maybe curl is “better.”

I sort of feel like echopinghttps is a near 20-year old tool with little to no bearing on the reality of where TLS is today.

The owner of this tool has discontinued it ( see ) and it is no longer maintained. I wouldn’t rely on it anymore.


As to the user agents issue, take your pick:

and see if you find a difference

Noted. I transitioned over to the curl plugin and sites that didn’t work now do. Some sites had a lower time, while some had a higher.

The value of the time isn’t so important to me as what it does over time.