Small ISP Need to Know


I work for an ISP (35K customers) and do System Admin work for operations
and development (DNS, Radius and such).

I want learn more on our IP side (Routing, BGP, MPLS, Core Network).

I am trying to learn the Net Ops world piece by piece, and this is where I

Where is a good place (or places) to start learning ISP operations "Need To

Thanks for your time

This subject has been discussed here several times in the past few months. Check the archives of this list for references to lots of starting points.

One such thread may be found here:


Do a google search for "cisco isp essentials"....

Some good starting point...

The problem with "Need to Know" especially operationally is you end up
with lot of advice from 'experienced' people which would be useless to
you if you lack the theoretical framework.

I'll recommend getting a good book on any entry level network
certification (CCNA, Network+ etc) and actually learning to understand
(as opposed to pass an exam). Use GNS3 at all levels of your learning.