SkyTel 2Way pagers DOWN all US

Interesting. Of course, we know from the OJ saga that Cellphones can be
located well enough to find a moving vehicle...

Anyone who thinks they can hide or have a private conversation for that
matter and owns a cellular phone is sadly mistaken. The fact of the matter
is that it is possible to send commands to the phone from the MTSO and
cause it to turn on the hands-free mic and transmit on channel xxx at a
power level of yyy with a SAT tone of zzz. It is then trivial to put one
of the scanning receivers in each of the cell sites in the area surrounding
the LKA of the phone into receive on that channel, voting S/N on the SAT
tone to get the best audio from the best receiver and piping the audio to a
test jack on the switch which has a recorder/speaker/whatever connected.

While we're at it, since we know you're on transmitting on channel XXX, it
is trivial to DF you based on foreign-carrier-detect alarms alone within
about 1000 yards. Beyond that, anyone with the most antiquated DF
equipment could find you in minutes.

Of course, I've never done this. Especially not with an EMX-2500. And
most definitely not in Charlotte, NC while working for the B carrier there.

Still, very big-brotherish.

The fix for that is to turn the frigging phone OFF unless you're using it
for a conversation. If you ARE using it for a conversation, treat it as a
party line on which you can be heard - because it is - unless your MTSO
supports encrypted transmission (some phones can do this - does ANY MTSO
support it? I've yet to find one that does).