Skype off line ??

do you have sone news about it ?
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Yes, its offline.

Skype presence issues

By Leonas Sendrauskas on September 21, 2015.
Some of you may experience problems with Skype presence and may not see
online status. We apologize for the inconvenience and will post an update
here, when the gets resolved!

For me yes, it is down for several hours.

BTW, is there any Jabber/XMPP client with similar usability?

I need just scroll up to view all history and one click to join someone
to multiuser conference in fact.

Reporting the same from Singapore

The same from Spain

Desktop client login not possible (Germany)
Web client works fine


The same from Spain

Desktop client on Linux in UK too.

The same from Spain

Desktop client on Linux in UK too.

You ca use Google Hangouts, but I don't know about multiuser conference.

Google hangouts and are services, not a client of open protocol.

Feel the difference.

Google hangouts and are services, not a client of open protocol.

Feel the difference.

Well you can set a server wide default for Jabber/XMPP MUC chats at least with ejabberd.
"history_size: Size
A small history of the current discussion is sent to users when they enter the room. With this option you can define the number of history messages to keep and send to users joining the room. The value is an integer. Setting the value to 0 disables the history feature and, as a result, nothing is kept in memory. The default value is 20. This value is global and thus affects all rooms on the service."

Thats not quite the same though as you get with Skype where i think the history gets synced in a bi-directional fashion.

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This is the question, yes.

But if it will be possible just to scroll up all the history stored by
client - it will be great! Everything I saw was history accessible
through tricky hidden (as user said) menu, not by "just scroll up in the

There's a service status article on

Regards, K.

Issues with Skype status and calling
By My status Leonas Sendrauskas on September 21, 2015.
Updated 11:00 UTC

We have detected an issue that is affecting Skype in a number of ways.

If you're signed in to Skype, you will not be able to change your status
and your contacts will all show as offline even if they are online. As a
result, you won’t be able to start Skype calls to them..

A small number of messages to group chats are not being delivered, but
in most cases you can still instant message your contacts..

If you aren’t signed in to Skype, you may be experiencing difficulty
when attempting to sign in. Any changes to your Skype account such as
your Credit balance or your profile details might take a little while to
be displayed..

You may also have difficulty loading web pages on the Skype Community.
For that reason, please check back here for future updates..

We're doing everything we can to fix this issue and hope to have another
update for you soon. Thank you for your patience as we work to get this
incident resolved. says they've been intermittent since approx. 10:00UTC.

No solution ....


sometimes it takes longer than expected to install all the necessary
software and hardware taps by the nsa folks.

Seems fine on mobile in the UK for me too.

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