Skydiving at nanog

Bored? Seeking something more exciting than a mid-day IGP migration and
East St Louis bowling? Tired of listening about things that "won't scale"
and configuring RIP on your core routers? SFM and PIC failures make you

Here's your chance to have once-in-lifetime experience!

Few people expressed interest in going skydiving - so I would like to put
a wider call to see if there's any interest. The dropzone is 1 hour away
(Archway skydiving - Price is 229$ for the
tandem jump (you and instructor) (plus 80$ for videotaping if you want).

Fun facts:
* 1 in 400 jumps experience parachute malfunction

Tentative plan is to leave hotel at around 10am, at dropzone at 11am,
expect to spend 4-5 hours there, come back at 5pm or so - just in time for
the community meeting!

Shoot me email if you are interested.