*sigh* NT/netbios over IP over frame

First off, the guys that *really* know this stuff are on the Samba list.
Mickeysoft is clueless when it comes to this stuff.

The first question is, if there is a Primary Domain Controller involved
The next question is, what are you plannning for your gateway machines?

WINS *may* be required, but a Samba Server can fulfill that function quite
well. You'll also need to set up LMHOSTS files. Your main problem is that
SMB protocols do not route easily. In fact, any version less than WinNT
will not route out of its own sub-net. If any PCs, are running Win95 then
you'll need a pair of hosts to route the SMB protocols for them. This could
be a WinNTserver, but I prefer a Linux host running Samba suite (you won't
have to re-boot on each config change and you can run it headless-remote).

Datacom Warehouse may have a box thatll help you, but I'd look into a "blue

Somewhere on the shirt under development, should the backhoe exhaust be emitting NetBEUI frames?