Should NSF declare victory and leave?

From: Avi Freedman <>
Of course, I argues vehemently against the $10k/year CIX "tax", and this
would be a "tax" of sorts.

Perhaps there's a better forum than the nanog list for discussion of this -
perhaps a BOF at the next NANOG meeting would be better.

Sorry, Avi, but I disagree. This is about group operations, and this
_is_ the operations group! At least the discussion need to start and
end here, so that everyone knowns what is going on. Although, technical
details discussion could be a new separate list.

Anyway, I'd be very happy if Daniel could help us figure out a way to be
self-sustaining. If the CIX wanted to offer a RIPE-style of services,
I'd be interested in participating!

I think that the CIX bylaws and member agreement would need a few
changes, but other than that, it seems positioned to take the role.
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What about the ISP/C bylaws and member agreement? The ISP/C doesn't have
some of the historical baggage that CIX has and is fairly open to what
its members want to do. If most everybody on this list joined the ISP/C I
suspect that it would happen.

On the other hand there is something to be said for having this function
in an entity separate from any trade association...

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