Shining a light on ambulance chasers - Noction

Under the heading of sales spam from our community that is in even poorer taste, and sucks:

Someone should tell them what happened to Cogent for scraping ARIN WHOIS.

Cogent calls me about 2-3 times a week. TIme to start re-routing their calls back to them…

And here I actually went to their website (not Cogent – they still call me all the time as well) to see what they sell.

Actually, you should route their calls to the IRS scammers who keep calling. I’m sure the two callers would have a lot of fun chatting with each other.

I like that idea!

This is overt and more than DB scraping IMHO. It’s repulsive.

Public pressure is the only way to police this.



In recent months, I've been trying to bring your attention to BGP optimization.

Is that not the thing that leaked a massive amount of prefixes some time ago ?


TSI Disclaimer: This message and any files or text attached to it are intended only for the recipients named above and contain information that may be confidential or privileged. If you are not the intended recipient, you must not forward, copy, use or otherwise disclose this communication or the information contained herein. In the event you have received this message in error, please notify the sender immediately by replying to this message, and then delete all copies of it from your system. Thank you!...

Let's start a public blacklist, sort of like a RBL reputation block list or, but for companies to "never to do business with" for spamming.

Their device by itself did not leak anything, no. But it was the thing that created the more specifics that were then leaked due to other errors.

Their device by itself did not leak anything, no. But it was the thing that created the more specifics that were then leaked due to other errors.

"In order to further reduce the likelihood of these problems occurring
in the future, we will be adding a feature within Noction IRP to give
an option to tag all the more specific prefixes that it generates with
the BGP NO_EXPORT community. ***This will not be enabled by
default***, due to potential drawbacks; such as customers who use
multiple ASes or customers who have eBGP sessions with private ASes,
but it will be an option if a customer wants to use it. This way, even
if filters fail, more specific prefixes won’t be propagated to
external autonomous systems." - (emphasis mine).

So, yes, "other errors" - but not tagging these by default with
NO_EXPORT is like shipping hand grenades with the pins removed. Yes,
some people might not know how to remove them - but these people
really shouldn't be touching them to begin with....


And while we're doing that, let's add the organizations that add "[EXT]" to
subject lines on a public mailinglist.



Sure, feel free to block mine.

So it shall be done. Nominations accepted at:

Of course, someone/something is going to harvest that address
and self-nominate, but that's a feature, not a bug.

Send either references that I can check by going through my archives
of this list, i.e. grep'able strings or send messages themselves,
preferably quoted with full headers. I'll figure out how to publish it.

Note that this isn't a high priority at the moment, so it may be
a while before I plow through what's received.


Ask for 1 or 10Gbps DIA at increasingly more difficult and preposterous locations, such as Dead Horse, Alaska (the North end of the Alaska pipeline, at the Arctic ocean) or Konduz, Afghanistan.