Shedule for NSS Dismantling Visits

Re: T1 Backbone NSS Dismanlting
      Schedule for the first series of visits.

   Dear Regional Techs,

   The table below shows a schedule for the first of the two
visits planned for the dismantling of the T1 Backbone NSS, as was
described in a preceding note. An IBM Customer Engineer will visit
your site at the time indicated. (Note that the times indicated are
Eastern Standard Times).
  Please provide any information that you feel might help in
making this process as smooth as possible. This would include information
such as a contact name/number for the IBM Customer Engineer to call
at the time of the visit in order to gain access to the Equipment Site.

  Please advise as to whether the time and date indicated on the
chart below will be convenient.

   Thanks for your cooperation,
  Please reply to:

  Bob Farzami
  ANS, Network Planning.
  (914) 789-5342